Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's lovely Sunday morning.
I went to an 18th last night. The girl, who is from Romania, invited her family over from Romania to Ireland, and for some of them, it was their first visit. And let's just say, the party was hoppin'. Really. I have never seen people, let alone the "elderly" move the way they did. On a side note, the highlight of my night had to have been her grandparents dancing to The Bad Touch, by the Bloodhound Gang. They've little to no English, so they've no idea what it means. It made me laugh so hard. It was so surreal, the whole thing. I've never experienced anything like it before.

On a side note, I did that thing, where you put down your phone (thankfully, it happened once I got home) and then you can't find it anywhere. I had to call it this morning, and it was under my covers? I had checked there twice last night. Anyway. I also had a funny moment, where I fell over in my room. I wish I'd caught it on video, because it was so idiotic.

I'm dreading this next week though, I've to survive on less than €1. Gah.
Over the past while, I've become obsessed with French. It's starting to become a problem. I'm starting to look up the charts over there, to listen to their music, and it's pretty good.. Even if I don't really know what it means. I found this guy, Christophe Mae that way.. From what I've listened to, he sounds pretty cool.

TV and Movie update for the week:
I started watching "the Lovely Bones" on Friday, because I was off school sick. I think I'll finish it today. Yeah, I'm weird like that and sometimes watch movies in sections. I'm 40 minutes into it.
Glee was good this week, wasn't it? The one about being a bad-ass. I didn't like the one last week.. Or the Madonna one. Well, the Madonna one was okay. I think I died so many times during that one where Mercedes sang that Christina Aguilera song about being beautiful. I support a positive self image, but that was sickening.
I've caught up with America on the Desperate Housewives front, and ohmyGod, funniest scene ever between Mike, Susan, Gabby and Carlos. I was laughing so hard at it! And it takes a horribly sinister turn D: je n'aime pas! :(

Plans for the Week Ahead
-read a book.
-start studying (AHH SUMMER TESTS! I'm going to fail chem... Ahh, summer (:..)
-blog most days
-limit myself to four cans of coke (I drink it everyday, I'm addicted and I've gotta cut back.. Yay for headaches!)
-go to bed before half eleven.

I just got a message from the woman I babysit for, she needs me two nights next weekend. YUS! I hate not having a life, but I love having money more. And I need to start saving.

Over and out!


  1. I hate loosing my phone too! Thank goodness they invented those side cases you can hook onto your pants! ;)

    Oh yes, France/the french are pretty amazing. I have an obsession too!

    Good luck on your chem test! Word of advice from me, Al stands for Aluminum ;)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I think I'll need to get one of those things you tie around your neck! :P
    I'd loooove to be fluent en francais! It's my goal in life. Well, one of them!
    Thank you! I'll try remember that. It's the weird ones, were K is freaking potassium that scare me. I'm sorry, but whut?

    Thank you for commenting! :) I love when people do! Have a lovely week yourself!