Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love studying for biology exams. :)

So you know, two rhizopus are just chillin on the substrate, bread or whatevs. And then they're like "omg, you're a + and I'm a -, let's swell!" And all the nuclei go into the swellings and they make a progametangia.. And then it's all, "we're badass, let's make cross walls", so they do, and then the other walls dissolve and FERTILISATION takes place, and produces diploid zygote nuclei and they're all chilling, and a zygospore comes along and he's all, "Can I hang out here? If the conditions are favourable, we can germinate by mitosis." And as usual, a hyphae comes along even though no one really wants him there, and he takes his gf sporangium, but she just chills at the tip. And out of no where, she was quiet all night, she'll open and produce haploid spores.

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