Saturday, May 15, 2010


So let me ask you something.. Do you give to beggars/homeless people?
Today I was walking along the street, when a, I can only assume beggar woman stopped me and asked could I do something for her.. And I was surprised, and asked what she wanted. She said she wasn't looking for money, but could I buy her and sandwich as she as "dying of the hunger", to which I replied of course. I like to be generous and all that, you know. Anyway, I said get what you like, but I don't have that much money on me.. So she went ahead and ordered.. A beef, egg, mayonnaise, lettuce and onion sandwich. Now, let's not judge the sandwich for the moment. Each to their own. But hello? That's pretty expensive. It ended up at €4. That's a lot, especially seeing as I was claiming to only have ten on me (I actually had 30, but whatever). I reluctantly agreed to buy it anyway. But then, when I got to the counter, she had a drink on it. I told her, I couldn't afford to get her both, and she replied that she'd be thirsty and needed it. I was firm and told her well, I can just not get the sandwich then. Eventually she saw I wasn't backing down, and gave up. But, when she opened her trolley I happened to notice, a bottle of milk, and a packet of rich tea biscuits. I actually felt like punching her in the face. First of all, she asks me to buy her a sandwich when she clearly had food in her bag. Second of all, she orders a really expensive one. And thirdly, she tried to get me to buy her a drink too, which was €1.90 by the way, with out asking.

I am so pissed off. Gah. You try to be kind to those less fortunate, and yet they throw it back in your face. Bitch. Has this every happened to you?

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  1. I tend not to give to homeless people, because I don't know it they're gonna spend the money on a tin of beans, or some happy pills. . . Charities are ok, though.

    ^^, xx.