Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer: Day 1.

So, last night was fun. I went to a friend of mine's house, as a well deserved "THANKGODFIFTHYEARISOVER" gathering. Gatherings are always fun. (For the record, "someone" isn't me, I just want to remember how funny that moment was for the rest of my life.) Some people got a little too drunk, and someone got sick on the stairs. Honestly, I've been getting flash backs of that all day and thinking... about how hilarious it was. Especially considering I had been all "Stop it, you're making a fool of yourself." But no no no, let's ignore Ailish and throw up on the stairs. Really, people these days.

Today, however, was considerably less exciting. Or shall we say fun. I cleared out my bedroom with the help of my mother. A long over due clearing out. But now it's pristine, though it won't stay that way for long.
I've also started a Legacy on the Sims2 and I'm on my second generation. It is a pure nightmare. I've built my Sims a... "shack" is the best way to describe it. A bathroom with a shower and a toilet, and a living room/nursery/kitchen make up the "house" (ie. the parts that have walls). The bedroom is outside, along with the study and the game room. I named the Starter-Sim Mary-Alice Young, and she got married to Benjamin Long (staying with her name though) and they've had a daughter named Susan. I'm trying to get an heir who has Mary-Alice's grey eyes, and let them carry down with the heirs. I'll add some pictures of my Legacy so far tomorrow (I'm not on my computer).

I'm having one of those "we need to get out more moments" on Facebook at the moment.
"An Unnamed Person likes popping Bubblewrap.
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  1. coool post! so lucky it's summer, im busy FREEZING! my fingers are practically FROSTBITTEN!