Monday, June 21, 2010

Taylor Swift...

Okay, so lately I've become.. "obsessed" as some people like to call it with a certain Taylor Swift.

But look at that adorable face? How can you not become obsessed with her?

She looks gorgeous, she acts gorgeous and she sounds gorgeous. The word gorgeous lost all meaning for me. Anyway, she's a beaut.

Did you hear that she did a fourteen and a half hour meet and greet the other day? Now that's what you call dedication to fans.

By the way, you might wanna listen to this. It's "Forever and Always" on piano. It actually brought a tear to my eye.

Sorry for the short/random post, I'll have a proper one tomorrow, I'm just gushing with all the Taylor ^^,
Thank you for all the lovely comments and the 23 followers. I'm so delirah :D


  1. OMG, i LOVE the piano version of Forever and Always! Absolutely LOVE it!!

  2. Yay, you're a Taylor Swift fan - that means you're awesome :P

    xx Blaize.

  3. I love Taylor Swift too, she's really talented and there is always one song she's written that describes how you feel.

  4. WOW! Your blog is really awesome! I am sooooooooooooo following it!!!! Good post by the way. I also LOVE taylor swift! I ams oooooooooo jealous that she went out with Taylor lautner. Do you think you oculd follow my blog the link is...


  5. Love Taylor Swift, she is so talented!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! I wanted to go so bad to that meet and greet! I touched her hand at a concert on June 11th last year though, best experience of my life. Practically. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Anyway, I LOVE HER DON'T YOU???? I'm obsessed toooo.....

    <3 <3