Sunday, June 27, 2010


So basically yesterday was...

So far.

Yesterday was the Dublin LGBT Pride Parade 2010.

And what better way for me to celebrate it, than make a shirt for my friend? :D I told my dad it was for me and he was all *awkward*.

The word "amazing" does not fall under how much I enjoyed yesterday.. And I'm not even a raging lesbian! Everyone was so happy and carefree and I couldn't help but think, this is probably where these people must feel the most at ease with themselves.

One of my favourite things about yesterday was seeing the crowds of people cheering us on and waving flags and all, it felt so good that they accepted everyone and that there was so many of them, you know? It was just plain amazing. Another thing I liked was the amount of children that were there, because I just thought how great it was that people were bringing their kids to it, and how accepting they were. There was one moment where I looked out into the crowd, and I saw a woman with a kid in a buggy (about two/two and a half years old) and the kid was clapping along like crazy, and I laughed and pointed her out to my friend.. And as I was pointing her out, I caught eyes with the mother.. And I don't know, but it was one of those moments. She smiled back, and I couldn't help but think, she doesn't know I'm straight and was there to support my friends, but for all she knew, I AM gay.. And she didn't mind.

Things have changed. They really have.

My friend (Catzy) and I. I only realised now how weird we both look, but I'm not uploading another :)


  1. Heya!
    Sorry for the very late reply,
    but thanks so much for your ultra sweet comment!
    oooh, and awesome post - i just love your blog!! :)
    panda xx

  2. Looks and sounds like a fabb day :) The t-shirt you made was really cool :) You could sell them,easily!

  3. Totally agree with up there, you could make your fortune out of slogan t-shirts.

    And you remind me of that woman that played Rose out of Doctor Who. Billie something..anyway, yeah.

  4. ahh this looks so fab! jealoussss. i want to go to a gay pride event so bad.
    and love the tshirts ;)

    thanks for the comment by the way. nice to know youre reading.

  5. Aw :) Sounds like it was fantastic. Plus, that shirt is beyond awesome! I'm straight... but I WANT one of those :O

  6. I really look like Saoirse Ronan? I don't see it, but thank you, regardless. She's an awesome actress so I'm glad to be compared to her. haha.

    And thank you for the comment on my blog. :D

    I am really happy to see that so many people are accepting in Dublin! That is not so much the case in the U.S., as sad as that is to say. I'm definitely an ally, though. :]

  7. Hey! Your blog is very interesting... in a good way. I like it. I'm following!

    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann

  8. I don't agree with being gay or lesbo, but I'll sure accept them :) Your shirt was really clever! Haha

  9. Haha, love the shirt :)
    Yes, it's great that a lot of people accept being gay now!
    Wish I could go to a gay parade, they say it's always a party!

  10. LOVE the shirt! I don't really care what people are :)

    But Gay guyz are fun to hang out with cuz theres NO akward feelings and they REALLY know how to shop!!!!

  11. Looks like fun. And that is a really cool shirt! I'm so glad you accept people for who they are so easily. :)

  12. Wooow that DOES look fab =]

    There's a gay pride thingo going on in London this weekend and I MAY be going, even though I'm straight :)

  13. It's great that you're supporting your friend! That's what true friends do... I would do that, but I don't know anyone who's gay or lesbian (I'm straight)

  14. That looks sooo fun. I like the pic of Catzy and you! Totally adorable.