Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ghost Bus, and des mauvaises nouvelles D:

So I was on the bus yesterday, on my way into town and there was a woman sitting across the aisle from me. She was fairly old probably any where from 70-80. At the next stop, a man of around the same age gets on, and when he sees the woman, he takes a double take and says:
"AH JAYSUS! HOWIYE? Sure I thought you died."

I could barely control my laughter.

Imagine seeing someone you thought had died.. on a bus? Jaysus, I'd take a heart attack.

And ladies. I have some mauvaises nouvelles. You see, this year, my family are having a French student stay with us for two weeks. And we shall have to entertain said student, which of course means family outings and whatnot.
And tennis three times a week. FML.

Well it's good news for me, cos I want a student.. But bad news for you because this means I have restricted internet access for two weeks. Quelle dommage! However I shall try my best to keep you updated and comment on as many blogs as possible, but if I'm slacking, it's not my fault.. and it's only two weeks anyway!

Don't miss me TOO much.


  1. I would love to have a French person stay at my place! That way I can practice my French and learn about their culture.

    Love the ghost bus story!

  2. That is such an irish thing to happen though,I can't imagine that it would happen anywhere else in the world! :)

    A french student? Interesting,I hope ye get on okay. My friend's friend had one of those and on arriving she told my friend's friend's brother that 'HE had gotten very big' since she last saw him (she had stayed with them before) He immediately took offence and wouldn't talk to her for the duration of her stay...Fingers crossed your's goes better!

  3. haha, I would of peed myself sitting on the bus. Serious.

    And I always thought that curly hair looked better on people that had straight hair. Don't ask me about the logic behind that.


  4. Your blog beautiful. gahhh.
    and i'm going to be an english student in france soon, hehe. Hope your french student is nice :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment too, sweetie!
    panda xxx

  5. HAHA two weeks of tennies.
    enjoy it!

  6. mauvaises nouvelles. I love it :)
    And I laughed so hard at that bus story! That guys is a legend :P

  7. OMG! Thats insanely funny!

    We almost hosted a student from either Italy, France, Panama or someplace else, but I don't think we are anymore....

    Going to miss you!

  8. Hahaha I would have pissed myself laughing! Have fun with the french student :)

    As for the slacking, je suis, sans doubt, une 'super slackerrr' ;)


  9. Indeed a funny story :)
    And say 'bonjour' to your french student from me!

    PS: Don't worry about me being free-spirited. I'm to much of a good girl to get in real trouble... and a blogexperiment can't change that :)

  10. Hahahaha! That's so funny I'd die laughing!