Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Series of Dramatic Facebook Statuses.

Names have been changed. Clearly.

Oh joy. I've done that thing where you put your phone on silent. And lose it.
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Wednesday at 7:27pm ·
Friend 3:
did you find it?
Wednesday 8:00pm

Yes I have been crawling around the house in the dark praying for the light of my phone. Have I found it? No I have not.
Wednesday at 10:33pm
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Friend 3:
oh my god epic. this is the most dramatic series of statuses ever
Thursday at 4:00pm · You like this.


Wednesday at 11:48pm
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Friend 7:
U sound happy for what you found. Good stuff :D
Wednesday at 11:50pm
My phone. It's been missing since this morning hahahah
Wednesday at 11:52pm
Friend 7:
Haha. Well u have it back now :D
Wednesday at 11:55pm
Friend 8:
Congrats :D
Thursday at 12:47am ·
Friend 9:
proud of you!
Thursday at 11:36am ·

Btw, I'll have time tonight to catch up with everyone's blogs!!
And I found my phone between my MATTRESS and the actual bed. WTF.


  1. Phones seem to be found in a LOT of time I found it inside my boot. Yeah. I almost crushed it.

  2. That's a weird place to find it :) lol

    There's another post about finding lost things :)

  3. ??? How did you manage to get it there??? LOL! I once put my phone in the refigerator...True story!

  4. LOL I know the feeling! Haha losing things scares the heck outa me sometimes...

    <3 <3

  5. One time, a four year old grabbed my phone on vacation thinking he was helping his mom. I had to drive all the way to the airport to retrieve it. Glad you found it :)

  6. hahaaa! those statuses are epic! i absolutely HATE HATE HARE losing my phone!! the most annoying thing. recently i've just been leaving it at home and going out to find myself stranded with no communication SIGH

    Beau X

  7. Adorable quotes, this is such a cool post!
    Plus, i really love your blog.
    Oh, and thanks for the ultra sweet comments you leave on my blog, they make me smile a lot! :)
    panda xxx

  8. =D =D
    this never stops being amusing, ha!

    Oh and lovely,
    I awarded you an award!!
    Keep it up.

  9. This has happened to me SO many times. cute blog!! :) xoxo