Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer, so far.

Hi there! This is a super-quick photo blog of my antics for the past month and a half. I'll probably do another one once summer is over.

Caroline (hereby known as Frenchie) and I. How romantic. I'm such a fucking ginger and I don't even know it.

I just see this photo and laugh. 1) because it was a funny and happy day, and 2) because I think my expression is priceless. Hello?

This was a funny day too. And I just think this photo is pretty :D

DJ Harry Potter.. in the mix. All my make-up had managed to come off my face. What joy!

Happy Birthday Jess!


Deer! Baaahh! They all ran (away from us) just after this photo was taken. So we legged it. I thought I was gonna die. You wouldn't want a smack of those antlers.

Best Day Ever! :) Most fun I've had in a long while! Oh and by the way, Catzy isn't gay.. She just came as support too!

Are ya well? Cos you're lookin well.

Yeah, so I met this Roman guy at a party I went to. You know, he was wearing a toga.

Poor Tobes had a stroke :( But he's doing okay now! He's 11 years old and now walks around like a drunkard.. But he's walking and that's the main thing!

Oh and thank you so so so so so much for the 50 followers. I never thought I'd make it this far ever. What can I do to repay you all? :)


  1. You are adorable...No wonder we get along so well...I am a red head too...

  2. Tobes is so lovely. Hope he's all better. Sweet pic with your pals..a real modern day circle of friends...(grins) Adorable stuff!

  3. aww looks like u had an awesome summer :)
    i wanna post up some pics once I get my week off from school LOL
    congrats on the 50 follows!!! thats really impressive. Im working on that ;D hehe

  4. oh yes, i had a reaally good time :) x

  5. You are really pretty! And you look like Princess Beatrice. Oh, and I love Owl City's Vanilla Twilight from the quote on top.

  6. Forgot to add that don't worry about uni so much... I was super scared at first that I actually went back to school for another semester and took another one off. I'm starting uni a year late, so I'm a year older than some people.

  7. i just found your blog and its lovely, looks like you've been having so much fun :D xx

  8. These pictures literally made me laugh out loud. (: It looks like you're having fun! I'm glad! (:

  9. Haha, looks like you're having an awesome summer. You have awesome hair. Jus' saying. I love red hair, haha.

    I don't mind doing SOME things alone, but not most outdoor activities. And since I live in a mess of roads and am right next to the most dangerous city in the U.S., I'm not really thrilled to do a lot of things outside anyway.

    Bahaha, I think that might be the case :) Oh well, I guess I just have to find someone else to go to the mall with me, then 8)

  10. looks like youve been having a whole bundle of fun!
    thanks for the lovely comments, you always make me smile

  11. Oh I love these photos. They are so fun. That high school musical photo of you guys jumping is cute.

  12. I've always wanted yo be a redhead! And i think your pics aré just lovely :) have you seen my blog? Hope you 2 see it :)
    I have to go, but firat congratulaciones 4 your 50 followers! I already have 4 :o
    Love the HSM photo and the toga guy! Haha! See you soon, bye

  13. I love that song and dance (all the single ladies)
    I envy your hair colour, it's so pretty mines just this ultra gross brown...bleugh.

    Keep up the fun =).


  14. Well, I still don't know where you've taken off to but I can safely determine that it's not to give birth.

    Love the photo of you and Katzy...and I also love the rain droplets on both sides of this banner.

  15. Adorable pics!!

    really lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa