Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourty FIVE *dances* and, btw, I'm sorry!

After my last post, I'll bet most of you are thinking, "oh shit.. This is going to be long". But no, we're grand sure. This is a oh my god, 45 followers post. And I know I say this with every single one, but I really never expected to get this amount. This is five away from half way to one hundred. And that is a LOT. In my books anyway.

I also want to apologise for that last post. I was ever-so-slightly hormonal (as if you couldn't tell) and felt like ranting my heart out to people who just weren't there.. And subsequently crying my eyes out later on! But thanks for all your comments, and I spent today trying (in vain) to catch up on all your blogs.. My God, you've all written a lot since I've been gone!

Also, I think it's time to drop another bombshell.

*whispers* in thirteen days (ohmygod) I will be gone for three weeks.




    i will miss your posts so much! im so sorry i didnt comment on your last post, i totally missed it somehow! But just read it! I am so sorry! AND DONT YOU DARE APOLIGIZE FOR RANTING! Everybody gets that way and its natural, love love love those kind of posts. I'm weird :) But your awesome!

    <3 <3

  2. Where are you going? Sounds exciting! Oh, and I loved your last post. I just read it, so I don't think you read my comment, but as Gabrielle said, we all need to let our hearts out every once and a while :)

  3. You totally deserve the 45 followers! I was away too and I know how much time it takes to catch up with everyone's blogs :)
    Read your last post too, it was quite entertaining. I mean, Heathcliff turns out to be gay.
    Anyway, no need to apologise: it's your blog and you can post on here whatever you like, and I don't mind at all that you're being 'emotional', just makes me feel I'm not the only one :)

    Wow, this is getting a long comment :)
    Ruth x

  4. You totally deserve all those followers. Have fun wherever you're going!

  5. the slightly hormonal thing is the story of my life! And congrats! (:

  6. The story was pretty cool actually. It's an example of why you have 45 followers!

  7. Congrats on the followers! :]

    I read your story yesterday and I'm sorry Heathcliff turned out to be gay.

    Where are you going!?

  8. Congrats on the followers and have fun on your trip...I am so jealous!

  9. I loved your last post, I could never do what you did. I know how you feel about your followers, I have 42 and I only started this blog in March while at my other blog it took me over a year to get 50. IT'S A MAJOR WOWSIE! =)

    3 WEEKS!


  10. Yah finally you're back m'lady!

    Any your'e fgoing to get way more followers soon!!
    Trusttt ;p

    Oh and, in esponse to your comment, they'll last a few good years until the top layers of the skin wear off.

  11. I gave you an award!

  12. congrats on all ur followers
    its not easy to gain them. I just started blogging but I know its not easy :)

    r u going on vacation? sounds fun :D

  13. Hello, If you don't remember me i am the stalker :D I finally made me a blog! Yay! I'm your 49 folower too! Oh but i need to go :| keep posting please! Thanks!
    Oh and guy/girl you're reading this please go to my blog and ASK
    Thanks again Ailish =)
    Bye bye