Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taking the Bull By the Horns.

Today I told a boy something I should've told him three months ago. I told him that I loved him from the very first day.

He told me he's been planning to break up with me for a week.

The thing is though, that's why I said it. I knew I couldn't let this go til I told him. I knew something was up. I knew it was going to happen. I said to my best friend on the phone last night "some one's going to get dumped tomorrow". He said "No, no, usually when I break up with a girl we get closer, almost to make up for it". I told him, "Well, we'll see, won't we?".
We did.

I've come to realise, the rejection didn't hurt. I can't change his feelings. Although I don't think it was very nice of him to turn around and say "Well yeah, I've only ever sorta like you.." especially considering I let HIM pursue, not the other way around. He can't go back on that argument, I wouldn't have the balls to ask someone out. His feelings though, "are neither right nor wrong, they simply are".

Some parts of me are happy it's turned out this way, however lonely I feel right now.

On a side note, what kinda knob lets a girl go home from town on her own, late at night, the night before Hallowe'en, doesn't even bother to help her find her friends but then only texts her when he's on the way back from a club "oh sorry for blah blah blah" but not "oh did you get home okay?". He doesn't know that I did find my friends, or that I did get home okay. People sometimes.


  1. Sorry about that :(
    But you don't seem too upset, so I guess congrats, too :)
    Geez! People sometimes!


  2. i haven't seen you for a while...i was bored and browsed around my links. remember me? that kid who likes llamas. the girl with the sneakers. yeah! that's me.

    just wanted to say hi. this is a bit of a sad post. i'm sorry about that boy. :(
    Cassidy the monisa