Saturday, October 16, 2010

I thought I posted.. Maybe I didn't publish..

Yeah, I thought I posted a post about a week ago. Apparently I am unable to hit the orange "publish post" icon. Gah. So here I am anyway, sorry about that. I know I'm so terrible with blogging since I've come back (AND I'VE 58 FOLLOWERS. WTAF?! THANK YOU!). I will try fix this problem. Try. I've a lot of school work these days (FML). That's what you get for doing the leaving I suppose.

This song is a bit gas.. First up is English, and then it's Maths.. I could do Honours.. I should do Pass.

I saw a beggar today, who as I passed by said "Can you read this?" I turned around and read his sign, it said "Why lie? I need a drink." I laughed and gave him some change. It was a laugh anyway.

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