Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey stranger.

"Might be holding your hand, but I'm holding it loose. Got to talk then we choke, it's like our necks in a noose."

- Kickstarts by The Example.

I think the above sums up my current status on blogger. I'm never on, I don't read many other blogs any more, I don't post. I've just lost touch since I went away in summer.

However.. I have started a tumblr. I like it there. I can post short posts, and quotes (which I have a new obsession with now) and pictures. I like it. If you care to follow me, here is the link. http://cocacolacaliforniafreeze.tumblr.com/

I'll probably come back on here from time to time.. But still. Oh, and if you follow me on tumblr, I'll follow you back! :)

1 comment:

  1. aww, i barely read this anymore either :P but that cuz u don't post. and for the record (since I've been doing this a lot lately to people's blogs)


    Cassidy the Monisa