Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Actual Post!

So, back at the beginning of summer, Tuesday June 8 to be exact, I posted a list of things to do during the summer. Now, let's go through this list and see what I did.

Here it is:
What I did:
2. Go to three parties (minimum).

7. Go blonde. Or any random colour.

8. Take over 500 photos.

What I didn't do:
1. Study. (minimum five hours a week)
-All the Chem.
-French irregular present tense verbs, past tense, and future tense.
-Rewrite both Biology hardbacks.
-Wuthering Heights quotes.
-Learn off Poetry.
-Revise maths.
-Learn anything to do with Irish. I will settle for ANYTHING.
-Revise music.

3. Have a movie night.

4. Host a sleepover.

5. Go to a sleepover.

6. Go to the beach. Regularly.

9. Save €100.

10. Finish my Legacy.

11. Go swimming once a week.

To be quite honest, I'm dissappointed with myself, not that I feel I wasted my summer, I didn't AT ALL. Loved almost every minute of it. But I'm annoyed I couldn't even do a simple 11 task list. They were easy too, it's not like I had something wild on it that I wouldn't have been able to do, I just didn't bother doing any of it. Oh well, I survived!

I'm back at school now, trying to get back into the swing of things. It's really hard though and not to mention the fact that my immune system is down BIGTIME now (I'm currently off school sick, honestly I've never felt this sick in my life!) and I'm constantly "suffering" from a cold at the very least. I think I've a virus right now, but then again, I'm not a doctor, so don't hold me to that one!

Sometime, in the depts of winter, I'll look back on my photos from the summer, upload them to here and talk about just how spectacular it was. :) <3


  1. haha :) gladd you had a good summer, even if you didn't do everything you wanted to!

  2. It sucks that one, you didn't get everything done you wished to accomplish (me either >.<) and that you're sick in the first throes of school. Bummer (I can relate though :P).
    But at least you enjoyed your summer!
    I hope school goes well for you :)
    Keep blogging!
    I'll keep reading ;D


  3. Oh well, I aimed for 100 new things, and I only got, like , 24! Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Been busy. Following World of Cassidy? I don't remember...

  4. I hope you feel better...And girl I didn't get anything done this summer...So don't feel bad there...You had fun...that is what matters...


  5. Get better asap :) and keep the list,maybe you can check off some of those things during the time between now and Christmas :)

  6. Hahah, I didn't get anthing 'productive done this summer..i still feel like I was busy all of the time though :)

  7. Hey! I started my own blog recently. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and maybe give me some feedback? Any comments are welcomed! Thank you so much, and don't stop blogging - we all have a voice to be heard! xx

  8. Honey, a LOT of ppl are getting sick now that school's begun. Make sure you take a multivitamin every day and take some vitamin C as well. I'm driving Connor crazy but I'm insisting he take it.
    I really think that'll help!

    Feel better soon!

  9. Hahaha, at least you did some things of your list! Whenever I do lists like that I end up doing nothing!

  10. Oh I hope you'll get well soon!
    I 've just discovered your blog,and i'm in love with it<3
    I love making lists too!But for an unknown reason I usually lose them or forget where i've put them! It's all about the joy of making on one you see!

  11. Oh you shouldn't give a crap - LIFE IS GOOD =D
    Plus, at least you got SMOE things done..there are no rules :)