Friday, May 11, 2012

Two post from me in the one year, wow!

If I were to explain every thing that has happened in the past year, I would never get this post done. So I'm going to save that post and write it as a Word Doc and then post it up when I get it done. It's not that this year was particularly eventful (well..) it's that I left it so long to post. So yes, here I am. My exams are over and my summer is very long. I'm finding it hard to get a job so in the meantime (which is probably going to be the entire summer), I'm actually going to write a novel. Or at least start writing a novel. A while ago, I was depressed. I went to counselling and things changed in my life that really needed to (I'll explain in my "update" post) and now I'm back on track. But during this really dark period of my life, I was inspired by a story. I think the novel is going to be based on the writing technique rather than the story, but it's in my head right now. I've got a lot of planning done, so that's good. I'm not going to post about it just yet though, until we're further along. I have a plan to do at least two hours of writing for it a day (don't break the chain), but this week we're on planning. My exams were terrible, but I don't think I failed any of my modules which is probably the main thing. What can you do anyway. So yes, the return of blogging, let's have ya! -Ailish

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