Sunday, April 29, 2012

*cough* there's an awful lot of dust in here..

Eh, hi. I'll cut to the chase. Yes I have been gone since last year. In the past year I have done many, many things and I think I will blog about them, but just not right yet. I'm busy for the next 12 days (exams, yeah I know), but after that I will start this again. Is that okay? As a summary since this time last year, I fell in love, fell out with my friends, started college, made some new friends, cemented relationships with old ones, got my heart broken in so many ways, broke hearts and did very little college work. Sneak preview of what is to come in terms of my blog. I wish I had a sneak preview of the next year, but we can't all be lucky. Anyway, hope you're all wonderful. PS: Here are some links in case you're interested (I only recently started making videos, so yeah) - Ailish


  1. Yay! Only just started following your blog but still... I'm pleased you're going to start blogging again. :)

  2. Oh, meant to say that I really like the blog's title too... :)

  3. Thanks you, and yes, in that case it was good timing on my part!