Monday, August 16, 2010


Thank lord I'm home.
I'll update you all at a later stage.

I just had, by far, the best (and most tiring and most eventful and most EVERYTHING) three weeks of my life. It's still good to be home.


  1. Welcome back :D
    Yeah, when I came back from the Gaeltacht all I wanted to do was go on the internet and watch tv and go on my mobile and talk in english. All at once. I ended up falling asleep.

    Did you have a good time?

  2. Awwww... I'm looking forward to hearing about your wonderful 3 weeks. =) I hope you have pictures for us.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about the Gaeltacht! I didn't go this year, so I want to know how much it'll affect me this year for the JC!

  4. Glad you had an amazing time :)


  5. HELLO! .. It is so nice to bump with this blog, I must say that it is very CREATIVE! and off course it is amazing how much you can learn from reading what others have to share. Thank for taking time and I'll be back for more! ...

    P.S. Lovely Picture

    Love Send Ari!

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  6. It must be said,IC is pretty awesome :D

  7. Glad you're back!! Sorry I haven't been commenting! Been busy, can't wait to hear about everything! <3 Gabrielle